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After 8 years we have finally called it a day. We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and hope that you have much joy from your purchases.

We would also like to thank some of our suppliers (the good ones who delivered what was ordered!). Luckily, we we only the victim of one fraud, though there were a few dishonourable promises made from time to time.

This webpage will disappear in a few weeks so from Kane, Andre and myself (David), goodbye.

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If you have any questions please Email Kane (click) or copy kane@historicarmouries.com.au

Historic Armouries imports functional medieval armour and other equipment for re-enactors and collectors alike.

The Australian dollars price, can only be paid by direct debit, cheque or money order.
Our US dollars price can only be paid using Paypal.

Shipping to anywhere in Australia is 15% of the total sale price

Historic Armouries was started in 2006 by three friends who have a passion for the middle ages. Kane, Andre and David all belong to re-enactment organisations and saw a need to good quaility reasonably priced armour and equipment. Our armour is designed to be used in Western Martial Arts

All three are interested in re-creating medieval fighting techniques and armouring, so many of the items for sale have been designed by them for use in historical re-enactment societies.

last updated July 9th 2014